॥ वेद पारायणम् ॥



Twice a month, an international Vedam chanting is organized. Participants from various parts of the world (France, Switzerland, Italy, England, Germany, Spain, Quebec, Canada, United States, Mexico, Bolivia, Gabon, India, Israel...) join the programme, either online or locally in groups. If you wish to participate, please contact us.


The link to join the chanting is sent by email with the programme. A collective call is made about 15 minutes before the programme. Everyone makes sure to turn off one’s microphone and camera/video in order to facilitate a good connection. A single stream of sound guides the chanting, allowing the other participants or groups to chant without being heard from each other. But all are united.


The chanting programme consisting of various Vedic prayers lasts about 1h15, except at each change of season (approximately at the solstices and equinoxes of Europe), where the chanting takes the form of an ēkādashinī rudram lasting 3h30.


One clarification concerning the ēkādashinī rudram: during the first ten cycles of namaka, the last stanza of the namaka anuvāka 1 (Om namastē, astu bhagavan viśhvēśhvarāya...) as well as the additional mantras to Rudra that follow the tryambakań yajāmahē... (yō rudrō, agnau yō,...) are not chanted.


Since March, and until the health situation has greatly improved, the prayer atriṇā tvā, consisting of mantras from the Krishna Yajurveda, has been integrated into the various chanting programmes.  


You can find all the details in the information emails.

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