Early Season Rudra ēkādaśhinī    



Each new season (around the European solstices and equinoxes), different groups gather locally in order to chant Sri Rudram eleven times in the form of a rudra ēkādaśhinī. This chanting is organised simultaneously in various places in the world (France, Switzerland, Italy, England, Spain, Germany, Quebec, Canada, USA, Mexico, Bolivia, Gabon). For further details on these places or to inform us about your wish to participate or form a new chanting group, please contact us.


Dates of the season rudra ēkādaśhinīs in 2020:


           22-03-2020   ;   21-06-2020   ;   20-09-2020   ;   20-12-2020




   13:00: installation and internalization


   13:30: chanting

                             gaṇapati prārthanā

                             samāna sūktam

                             rudra ēkādaśhinī

                             samāna sūktam

                             samasta lōkāḥa mantra


   17:00: short meditation


Please note that during the first ten cycles of namaka, the last stanza of namaka anuvāka 1 (Om namastē, astu bhagavan viśhvēśhvarāya…) and the additional Rudra mantras which follow tryambakañ yajāmahē… (yō rudrō, agnau yō,…) should not be chanted.



“[…] chanting and conducting oneself as per Rudra-mantras
will lead to World Peace and Harmony.”
(Rudra Tattva – Maunish Vyas)



Annual rudra ēkādaśhinī reports:


   France 2011-2014   ;   Europe 2015 with Śhrī Maunish Vyas