For Beginners

After practising one of these prayers, we encourage you to have your chanting checked.
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Note: The audio files are intended to promote an easier learning. Hence, the cutting of the sentences is done without modifying the tone and the end of the words. 

1. Gāyatrī Mantra  (Tutorial)

2. Saha Nāvavatu  (Tutorial)

3. Gaṇapati Prārthanā  (Tutorial)
This prayer is to be chanted firstly in any Vedic chanting session.

4. Samāna Sūktam  (Tutorial)
Veda Vyāsa kept this Prayer as the summation and conclusion of the Rigvēda and placed it at the very end of this largest compilation of Vedic Mantras. This sūktam contains our prayer to God and God’s answer, instructions and promise. Every individual or organisation is urged to attain One-ness of heart, mind, word and action.


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