Here are presented some prayers with their word-by-word meaning and global meaning. All mantras written in dēvanāgarī script are written in the classical format. The saṁhitā pāṭha first followed by the pada vichchheda anvaya pāṭha (every single word). This is to enable serious students to recognize every word by itself. The English script verses are in Roman Coloured Coding Script (RCCS) format with the udātta (upward note) and anudātta (lower note) svaras properly marked.


We are extremely grateful to Maunish Vyas to allow us to make available here these precious downloadable PDF documents.


•   bhāgya sūktam

•   bhū sūktam

•   dēvī sūktam

•   durgā sūktam

•   dūrvā sūktam

•   gaṇapati atharva śhīrṣha upaniṣhat

•   gaṇapati prārthanā

•   gāyatrī mantra

•   kāmō-akārṣhīt mantrāḥa

•   kṣhamā prārthanā

•   mantra puṣhpam

•   mēdhā sūktam

•   na karmaṇā

•   nārāyaṇa sūktam

•   nārāyaṇa upaniṣhat

•   nīḻā sūktam

•   rātrī sūktam

•   samāna sūktam

•   sandhyāvandana mantrāḥa

•   śhrī sūktam

•   sūryōpaniṣhat

•   yaśhchhandasāmṛṣhabho viśhvarūpaḥa


For śhrī rudram, please refer to the Sri Rudram (Rudra Tattva) section.


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